Paphos, Cyprus Guide

Paphos is a famous tourist spot of Cyprus western part. There are two parts of Paphos, one is the coastal resort area which is known as Kato Paphos and the second one is the Kito Paphos. The majority of people who visits Paphos regularly consist of German, Scandinavian, and English. It is said that Paphos is the place where the Aphrodite, the Greek goddess have risen from the waves which crashes on its shores, the Aphrodite’s Rock. This Aphrodite’s Rock is just like a pilgrimage for the Hellenics. Here mosaics of houses of Orpheus, Aion and Dionysus which are from the 3rd – 5th century have been discovered. One more interesting place here is the Odeon Theatre, which is a stone structure but still used as it was used in the ancient times for outdoor concerts, plays and games. Other than these, there are many other historical places also such as the Tombs of the Kings in the Kato Paphos, which is a structure carved into sheer rock and whose vaults held the tombs of Ptolemy period nobles.

Apart from these, there are many other places of interest also. The top attractions of  Paphos constitute the ancient mosaic tiles and the beautiful old harbour. Paphos is full of modern types of hotels and restaurants which are situated along the seaside promenade. Some other places are also very interesting such as the Byzantine castle of Paphos, St. Paul’s Pillar and the Sea Caves. Paphos is also famous for its steaming Cypriot coffee. Hotels can be found for every type of people. Every class of people can travel to Paphos for a holiday.

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map of paphos

map of paphos